Andriya Ruth

Andriya Ruth, is a beauty specialist with more than 10 years of experiences. She loves to test new beauty products and techniques to innovate novel beauty procedures for her clients and knowledge. Further, she contributes to several beauty magazines and blogs as a leading author/reviewer.

How to use concealer brush

How to use concealer brush?

Have you ever gone to a makeup artist store and wondered why there are many makeup brushes? The thing is that, every single brush has its own specific use. There are brushes for foundation, eyeshadow, powder, and concealer each coming in multiple options.  While there are all these brushes, you should choose the right brush …

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All About Concealer Brush

All About Concealer Brush

If you want your makeup to appear flawless, the method of application will make a huge impact in the process. Although you can apply concealer with your hands, blending with your hands will not be effective especially if you are using a makeup that dries up faster. Therefore, if you want to attained something closer …

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