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Can You Put Temporary Tattoos Over Make-up

Can You Put Temporary Tattoos Over Make-up? Your Beauty Tips

Another trend among tattoo lovers is putting Tattoos over makeup.

The most exciting part about the trend is that it looks like a Halloween costume. Some people have even leveraged using tattoos over make-up to showcase their creativity.

A temporary tattoo is easy and affordable for many people who don’t want a lifetime commitment to tattoos.

Oh, yeah, it was fun and elevating. Fortunately, it’s not too late. You, too, can get creative with beautiful temporary tattoo designs over your Makeup.

Can you put temporary tattoos over makeup?

Yes. you can put temporary tattoos over makeup.

When temporary tattoos are applied to makeup, they create a  unique and significant moment that elevates your look.

When applying tattoos over makeup, the number one rule is to ensure that your skin is as dry as possible.

Consider using a toner to dry your face before applying the temporary tattoo for people who have oily skin. 

The best places to consider for a temporary tattoo over makeup are your eyes and lips for an elevating look.

Try applying a temporary tattoo with a sharp design on your lids, and you will be amazed at how stunning you would appear.

You can also consider temporary tattoo designs with geometric shapes for better results.

Are there any health concerns?

Are there any health concerns

It is okay to worry about your health before deciding to use temporary tattoos over make-up.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration says that tattoos can cause permanent scarring and blisters when used on the skin.

However, temporary tattoos appear to be safer than permanent tattoos because, unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are injected into the surface of the skin.

There’s a reduced chance of health issues when using temporary tattoos over make-up.

To be on the safer side, use tattoo inks that are labeled safe to use on the skin. You will find a couple of them in supermarkets, stores, and online.

What is the proper method to do it?

Don’t make the mistake that most people make when applying temporary tattoos over make-up.

As earlier said, the number one rule is to maintain wet-free skin. Then, make sure your skin is clean before applying a temporary tattoo. If you are a hairy fellow, shave off the hair from your face to allow the temporary tattoo to stick on your face.

Applying temporary tattoos over make-up only requires a few tools and a little creativity.

However, you should let a professional do it for you if you can’t seem to find your way around it.

Is it safe to put temporary tattoos on your eyelids?

Temporary Tattoos are easy to use, easy to remove, and safe to wash.

Putting temporary tattoos on your eyelids does not pose any threat or damage to your eyes.

Just be sure that your eyelids are not oily but dry when using temporary tattoos on your eyelids. Most importantly, pay attention to the hair.

You should put temporary tattoos on bare eyelids if possible.

How do you apply a temporary face tattoo?

So, here we are.

This is your go-to guide if you want to apply for a temporary face tattoo but do not know how to get started.

Make sure to follow the steps outlined below, and rest assured that you will be rocking all over town, looking stunning and elegant with your favorite temporary face tattoo.

Prepare your face: The worst mistake you would make when putting a temporary tattoo over make-up is applying a temporary tattoo on a dirty or oily face.

Make sure your face is dry and clean before proceeding with applying the temporary face tattoo.

Also, you have to trim your facial hair because the temporary tattoo adhesive will not stick to the facial hair.

Face Hair Removal
Face Hair Removal

Prepare the temporary tattoo: Confirm that your temporary tattoo design will fit where you choose to put the temporary tattoo on your face.

Use scissors to cut away excess paper or design to get a good fitting.

Apply the temporary tattoo: Using a damp cloth, apply the temporary tattoo facing down on your face, and use the damp cloth to pat the tattoo design to stick on your face gently.

Keep the temporary tattoo on your face in place for a few minutes and gently remove the backing to remain only the tattoo design.

It sounds simple, and sure it is.

Using a temporary face tattoo is easy and fun. But here’s a warning:

Do not be in a hurry to apply or remove the temporary face tattoo on your face.

Give it enough time if you want a satisfying temporary face tattoo that would look exactly like a permanent tattoo.

How to make a fake tattoo with eyeliner and hairspray?

Doing a temporary face tattoo with an eyeliner
Doing a temporary face tattoo with an eyeliner

Making a fake tattoo with eyeliner and hairspray would be a cakewalk for people with freehand drawing skills.

All you need to get started is eyeliner and hairspray.

Don’t use the eyeliner you use for your face, but get a new one and dedicate it to making a temporary face tattoo. The first thing to do is draw the design of your choice on your face using eyeliner.

You can practice the design on paper before moving ahead with doing the real one on your face.

Proceed to splash the fake tattoo design with hairspray to seal your temporary face tattoo.

Be careful with your eyes when applying the hairspray, and make sure you don’t go overboard with it. 2-3 splashes of hairspray will do and maintain the design for a couple of hours.


Beauty is no longer in the eyes of the beholder but in the hands of people with creativity. And yes, using temporary tattoos over make-up is another creativity shaking the fashion world. So what are you still waiting for when you can transform yourself with amazing temporary face tattoo designs available for people of all ages. Also, it doesn’t matter your skin type or skin color.

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