Can You Use Temporary Tattoos on Nails

Can You Use Temporary Tattoos on Nails? With TikTok Tutorial

If you want to join the next big trend, you should consider using a temporary tattoo on your fingernails. And the good news is that they stick for a long time. Depending on the quality of care, temporary tattoos on nails can last up to 8 weeks.

Besides, using temporary tattoos on nails is fast, easy, affordable, and painless. Using tattoos on nails is excellent, and you should consider it if you are fashion-savvy. There are several fingernails tattoos designs to choose from. Also, they come in a wide range of colors too.

Can you use temporary tattoos on your nails?

Using Temporary Tattoos on nails will amplify your nails and make them look stunning. There is no limit to how creative you can be when using temporary tattoos on nails. Whether you are a working-class woman or a college student, using temporary tattoos on nails is a fine nail art you should consider. It does not matter your age. You can use temporary tattoos on nails as an alternative to nails polish or other forms of beautifying the nails.

However, extra care is needed when using temporary tattoos on nails. It requires lots of patience, a little skill, and a few tools. Applying temporary tattoos on nails is delicate because the nails are pretty small and require optimal attention. People who have a very tight schedule or do not have the patience to apply a temporary tattoo on their nails can consider paying a nail artist to use temporary tattoos on their nails.

But be sure you’re not overcharged for it because tattooing your nails with temporary tattoos should not drill a hole in your pocket.

What will temporary tattoos stick to?

Unfortunately, temporary tattoos will only stick to smooth surfaces. If a surface is rough or uneven, there are chances that temporary tattoos will not stick to them. So before deciding to use temporary tattoos, make sure the surfaces you intend to use are smooth and even. A smooth surface will make the adhesive on temporary tattoos more effective and cause the temporary tattoos to glue to the surface without a hitch. For temporary tattoos, you can consider gift items with smooth surfaces, your car, household items, etc. All you need to do is ensure the objects have smooth surfaces.

How do you make nail art tattoos?

There are many ways a fashion-savvy can make nail arts tattoo, and we have compiled detailed information on each of the different methods. Regardless of the method of making nail art tattoos you choose, they are effective and easy. Check them out here.

Apply temporary tattoos on nails – Step by step

Using Temporary Tattoos nail stickers:

You can use nail stickers for your nail art tattoos. The tools you need to make your nail art tattoos with nail stickers include a nail paint remover, cotton wool, nail scissors, nail stickers, a glass file, and a dry blower.

Start by preparing the nail stickers by using nail scissors to trim the nail stickers to the size of our nails. Another alternative to trimming the nail stickers is to find the nail stickers that fit the size of your nails. Then, dab the cotton wool into the nail paint remover and clean your nails. Make sure to clean around the nails, too, to get the best results.

Remove the plastic film and apply the temporary tattoo to your nail plate, the area close to your curticle. Smooth the sticker down from your nail bed to the tip before using the dry blower to perfect the temporary tattoos adhesiveness to your nails. File the excess temporary tattoo sticker decal on your nails with a glass file and top it off with a coat.

Water slide temporary tattoos:

The water slide temporary tattoo is an alternative to using the temporary tattoos nail stickers. The tools required for this method are nail scissors, sponge and water, nail polish, and a temporary tattoo design. The step-by-step for using a water slide temporary tattoo is detailed below.

Apply the nail polish to your nail and allow it to dry between nail coats. As a note, using a water slide temporary tattoo is effective on already manicured nails. Sometimes, the manicure should be done the day before the set day for using the water slide temporary tattoo.

Cut your temporary tattoo into the required shape and size to fit into your nails. Use nail scissors to this effect; otherwise, you may end up destroying temporary tattoo designs. A curved blade can also help with cutting the temporary tattoo perfectly.

Remove the plastic film and wet the temporary tattoo face down on your nail. Keep the temporary tattoo on your nail in place for a few minutes while it sets. Then, apply a top coat to increase the lifespan of your nail art.

How do you get your nail tattoos to stick?

The easiest way to get nail tattoos to stick is to apply a topcoat after using a temporary tattoo on your nails. A top coat would improve the look of your temporary tattoo and help enhance its longevity.

There are other couples of maintenance routines to help your nail tattoos stick longer and last a long time. For an easy read, I have highlighted the maintenance routines to help nail tattoos last longer below.

  • Avoid dipping nail tattoos in an oil-based solution
  • Avoid prolonged dipping of nail tattoos in water
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals that could damage nail tattoos


Nail tattoos are another form of creativity and art that is massively winning the hearts of many. Don’t forget that temporary nail tattoos are easy to remove and quite affordable, especially if you decide to apply them yourself. Temporary tattoos look best in dark shades and colors on white and light-colored nails, respectively. The full nail temporary sticker decals are a good fit as an alternative to dark shades or colored temporary nail tattoos. So, what are you still waiting for?

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